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Science with Friends Bundles

Learning with Friends equips parents with a buffet of open-and-go curriculum enrichment products that focus on creating an atmosphere of conversation, discovery, and expression.

The Science With Friends projects and experiments serve as a vehicle for quality conversation surrounding God’s creation and design. Science With Friends enrichment packets focus on discussion leads for all parts of the project, scientific background information and connections to Scripture. We equip you to lead your family in discovering an awe for God’s creation using simple materials you can find in your home while developing new questions and insights into the world around us.

As the name suggests, Science With Friends products are designed to enjoy with others. That could be others in your family or friends from your homeschool co-op, church, or neighborhood. Our design encourages parents and students to take leadership of their discoveries, learning to ask big questions of one another and expressing their wonder together, as they observe, test, and create.

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Our Vision

Learning with Friends equips parents with a buffet of open-and-go curriculum enrichment products that focus on creating an atmosphere of conversation, discovery, and expression. 

Learning With Friends began as many big ideas do – as a small idea around a kitchen table. I was planning supplemental science activities for my own children, when I casually invited a few friends to join us. A few Fridays quickly turned into every Friday, and soon the kids themselves were begging for what they named “Science with Friends.” As moms, we found ourselves feeling the same excitement as the kids, because the “with friends” was true for us, too!

As we reflected on what magic was happening before our eyes, we realized that it wasn’t the projects themselves – although those were fun – or the scientific ideas – although those were enlightening – it was the beautiful sharing of ideas between one another that transformed Science With Friends from just opening another book of projects to a time of wonder and discovery. 

We hope to help you create this atmosphere in your home, focusing our attention on getting that conversation started. Think of it this way: The project is the tool, the suggested questions are the materials, and the discussion that flows forth is the beautiful creation! 

Don’t worry if the conversations seem a little stilted at first or if the kids take your questions and run in some strange direction. Discovery is never made in a straight line, and discussions rarely flow seamlessly from logical Point A to logical Point B. The beauty is in the opportunity to express discovery, wonderment, and awe. And just as children improve their ability to solve complex math problems, so, too, will their discussion and questioning skills grow and expand, as they stretch those muscles!

The Founders


Nicole Paitsel is a homeschooling momma of two with a background in journalism and education. As a certified educator, Nicole has taught in the public high school setting in several states. Before that, she worked as a reporter and writer for a large metro-area newspaper. She currently serves as a tutor in a homeschool community setting, and is passionate about modeling life-long learning. She holds her Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Journalism from Hillsdale College, MI.


Aracelly Garces is a homeschooling momma of three with a background in marketing & business management, a passion for education and a love for learning. Aracelly has previously taught in multiple settings including: private education, corporate settings, online education for adults and youth / young adults groups. Currently, she enjoys being the lead learner of her family’s homeschooling adventure as well as working with her hubby in their digital design & development studio, MarketFresh Studios. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing & Business from George Mason University, VA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Science with Friends project bundles are designed for ages 7-12, but each week’s project guide includes strategies for scaling the project for both younger and older siblings. In addition, further enrichment resources are included with each project.

In our family, we spend about an hour on average on each Science with Friends project. Design challenges, especially, seem to capture our childrens’ interest, and there are times that they will settle in and work for hours on their design! Our parent guides are specifically designed to be flexible documents, offering you the tools you need to create a beautiful, and unique, time in your home. So, take as much, or as little, time as you like!

In our home, we reserve Friday afternoons for Science with Friends. It’s something very fun for us to look forward to at the end of each week! That said, we have designed these guides to be very flexible, and you can use these projects as often, or as little, as your schedule allows.

We hope the answer to that question is NONE! We specifically choose projects that require very few materials and materials that you will likely already have around your home. In addition, almost all project materials can be substituted, so the need to run out to the store at the last minute should be quite rare!

Our project guides are designed to be open-and-go! You may want to preview the materials list ahead of time just to be sure you have what you need, but most materials will be items you can find around your house. You may also want to read the scientific background ahead of time and have some idea of the order of events you want to pursue. This preparation should take no more than 10 minutes, and you’ll be off and ready to discover!

Many of the extra resources listed in each week’s project guide have been personally previewed by Science with Friends creators, but not all. Parents should always preview a resource for suitability in their own home.

 As we study God’s creation, it is important for us to recognize and experience wonder over how we see His fingerprints in scientific study. Each project includes a Creator Connection, where students and their parents can discuss how God’s nature can be seen in His creation. Learning with Friends founders Aracelly Garces and Nicole Paitsel are professing Protestant Christians. However, as we write our Creator Connection materials, we are careful to guide the conversation in general wonderment, allowing the parents the proper authority to teach their children according to Scripture.