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Learning with Friends began as many big ideas do – as a small idea around a kitchen table. I was planning supplemental science activities for my own children, when I casually invited a few friends to join us. A few Fridays quickly turned into every Friday, and soon the kids themselves were begging for what they named “Science with Friends.” As moms, we found ourselves feeling the same excitement as the kids, because the “with friends” was true for us, too!

As we reflected on the magic was happening before our eyes, we realized that it wasn’t the projects themselves – although those were fun – or the scientific ideas – although those were enlightening – it was the beautiful sharing of ideas between one another that transformed Science with Friends from just opening another book of projects to a time of wonder and discovery. 

We hope to help you create this atmosphere in your home, whether you gather a few friends like we do, or simply gather your family around your own kitchen table. 

For the 20-21 school year, we have created project bundles in 12-week units for the science topics of Anatomy and Chemistry. We will also offer a special 4-week Origins study that will address the ideas of evolution and intelligent design. 

Here’s what you can expect in a Science with Friends bundle: 

  • A weekly Parent Guide that includes discussion starters, project instructions, scientific background, and connections to Scripture for each project.
  • A consumable Student Lab Notebook where students can brainstorm, record observations and data, and connect with Scripture. 
  • Access to weekly tutorial videos where creators Nicole Paitsel and Aracelly Garces walk you through a successful project time. 
  • Access to private social media groups for year-long encouragement, support, and general homeschooling tips and resources. 

These projects, designed for ages 6-12, require simple materials that are easy to find in your home. And we have provided everything you need to jumpstart a deep conversation about the world around us. 

Check out a free sample of our Anatomy and Chemistry bundles at We can’t wait to join hands with you!

Nicole Paitsel is the creator and co-Founder of Learning with Friends. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

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