Building your homeschool: Lessons from Nehemiah Part 2

The wall protecting Jerusalem was broken down, leaving the people vulnerable and weak among their enemies.

Nehemiah hit his knees.

So often, we rush to “fix” it. Whatever it is. In our homeschool, we switch curriculums, we wonder whether we should drop our co-op, we go online to ask others, often strangers, what we should do.

None of this is wrong, inherently. But did we even ask God first? Did we seek His will? Did we remember that He is there at all?

Nehemiah’s prayer is recorded for us in 1:5-11, and it serves as a model – adore Him, confess our sins, remember His promises, and ask for His help.

Maybe this is a prayer for your homeschool as you finish this year and begin to plan the next steps.

Heavenly Father, thank you for your faithfulness, your mercy, your love. You are the one who all creation praises, You are my rock and my refuge. I come to you, Father, confessing that my eyes have been on the world, on other people’s thoughts of me, that I have tried to do this work in my own strength and in my own way.

Lord, you tell us that whoever lacks wisdom can ask it of You and that You will give that wisdom liberally and without reproach. Lord, I ask for that wisdom today. Let every part of my life be guided by Your wisdom. Help me to trust in that promise, Lord, bring it to my mind over and over again. Help me seek and see Your will in every detail as I make plans and think about the future.

Thank you, Father, for being a God who hears. I love you, Lord. In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.

We will continue with Part 3 of this series- Building your homeschool: Lessons from Nehemiah – on Friday. You can find past posts on our blog at

Nicole Paitsel is the co-founder of Learning with Friends, LLC. A former high school public educator, she has homeschooled her children for six years, and is still learning and wondering alongside them!

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