Building Your Homeschool: Lessons from Nehemiah Part 3

The answer to Nehemiah’s prayer was a conversation with the king, during which Nehemiah was granted permission to travel to Judah, gather materials, and begin work on the wall of the city. And he acknowledged that “the good hand of my God was on me,” (2:8).

When he came to Jerusalem, Nehemiah set about the work of inspecting the wall, knowing that this was “what my God was putting in my mind to do,” (2:12).
Remember when you were called to the work you are doing today, friend?

Do you remember when the Lord put it in your mind to homeschool? I’m sure, like Nehemiah, there were questions. How is this work going to be done? How can I do this well? Who will help me? Is this even possible?

And, yet, when the Lord calls us, He makes a way.

When I first floated the idea of homeschooling by my husband, his response shocked me. “I’ve been thinking about the same thing,” he said.

Now, you don’t know my husband, but that was a shocking statement at the time. Truly the Holy Spirit at work.

So, we decided to attend a homeschooling conference (another shocking thing for my husband to do!) with the idea that we would gather information and perhaps begin after the next school year. I was, after all, working full time, and we couldn’t just drop my income on a whim.

We attended the conference and left feeling led to begin homeschooling right away. The whole drive home we brainstormed our finances. We decided I would pick up some in-home childcare as a supplement and make some big cuts. God was calling us to do this, and He was calling us to do it now.

Less than a month later, my husband was surprised with a promotion and a raise that covered nearly my entire salary. (That never happened before, and it hasn’t happened since).

It’s so fun to look back at our walk with the Lord and see where He moved and what He did. And in those moments of frustration and doubt, remembering “what God was putting in my mind to do,” is one of the best encouragements for forging ahead and finishing that good work well.

I would love to hear the testimony of when God called you to this work in the comments!

Nicole Paitsel is the co-founder of Learning with Friends, LLC. A former high school public educator, she has homeschooled her children for six years, and is still learning and wondering alongside them!

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