Building Your Homeschool: Lessons from Nehemiah Part 4

After Nehemiah recognized God’s calling for him, he got to work.

A brand new calling is often very exciting. Especially when we, like Nehemiah, are confident that God’s hand is on the work.

But the task at hand was huge. It may have even felt insurmountable. Others had failed for years before Nehemiah arrived on the scene. And there was present discouragement, too. Those who were there questioned Nehemiah’s choice and determination.

“But when Sanballat the Horonite…heard it, they mocked us and despised us and said ‘What is this thing you are doing?’” (2:19).

Maybe you’ve had grandparents, aunts, neighbors, friends question your calling to homeschool. What is this thing you are doing? How are you qualified for this job? What will happen if you don’t succeed? Will you ruin your child’s education?

But if we, like Nehemiah, have patiently petitioned the Lord in prayer and heard His calling, we can respond in confident faith.

“The God of heaven will give us success; therefore we His servants will arise and build,” (vs. 20).

Have you been praying about beginning to homeschool next year? Are you in the thick of this year and wondering if this is really best for your children? Are you doubting the calling that you first heard?

Friend, be confident in your calling. We aren’t promised that the work before us will be easy, that it will be comfortable, and we aren’t promised that we will be experts at it. Remember Moses and his stuttering? But we are promised the divine power and strength of the Lord when we rely on Him, and Him alone, to accomplish the work set before us.

The God of heaven will give us success – on His terms – when we trust in Him; not of our own strength, but of His. And what could be better for your children than that?

Nicole Paitsel is the co-founder of Learning with Friends, LLC. A former high school public educator, she has homeschooled her children for six years, and is still learning and wondering alongside them!

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