Science With Friends

Pull out some rubber bands, craft sticks, and paper clips, and let the discovery and conversation begin!

That’s what Science with Friends is all about. Using the materials you can find in your home, discover the wonders of creation and deepen your understanding and relationships through conversation with our hands-on project guides.

Science with Friends is an open-and-go curriculum enrichment product that guides families in hands-on exploration of science topics, while focusing on rich discussion of the scientific method and question-building skills. While Science with Friends bundles are designed for ages 7-12, all of the projects offer strategies to scale them for both younger and older siblings.







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The Science With Friends project bundles serve as a vehicle for quality conversation surrounding God’s creation and design.

 Science With Friends bundles focus on discussion leads for all parts of the project, scientific background information and connections to Scripture. We equip you to lead your family in discovering an awe for God’s creation using simple materials you can find in your home while developing new questions and insights into the world around us.

As the name suggests, Science With Friends products are designed to enjoy with others. That could be others in your family or friends from your homeschool co-op, church, or neighborhood. Our design encourages parents and students to take leadership of their discoveries, learning to ask big questions of one another and expressing their wonder together, as they observe, test, and create.

How does Science With Friends make that happen?

When you purchase a Science With Friends study, whether you plan to use it with your family alone or choose to gather some friends, you, as the parent, become a Science With Friends Lead Learner, which includes exclusive access to a variety of resources.

Each themed packet includes 12 weeks of easy-to-achieve at-home projects and experiments. Project instructions, however, are only a small part of what Science with Friends offers. Each project is enriched with discussion questions for every step of the scientific method and enough scientific background information to get that discussion. Suggestions are included for scaling each project according to age and ability, and extra resource ideas are included for future study. Furthermore, every project includes a specific connection to Scripture, asking students to think about how this study points us to our Creator. It is truly open-and-go!

The beautifully designed Student Lab Notebook is a space where students can brainstorm, record observations and conclusions, and interact with Scripture. While good conversation is always our focus, sometimes busy hands can help focus that discussion! The notebooks also act as a sweet keepsake for students to remember what they discovered.

Lead Learners also get exclusive access to tutorial videos by creator Nicole Paitsel, who will walk you through how to have a successful Science with Friends event in your home, whether you are hosting the activity for your children alone, or inviting others to be a part of the conversation. 

As a Science with Friends Lead Learner, you will be invited to join exclusive social media groups, where the community can hear directly from Science with Friends creators and each other, as we continue the conversation to lead our families in lifelong discovery.