Sneak peek into our 22/23 School Year Pack

22/23 School Year Pack

This week we officially launched our Pre-Order option for our 22/23 School Year Pack, which really rounds out our unit options for science study in your home.

We thought it would be helpful to provide a deeper look into the topics for each of the bundles in this special pack. Here is a look at the topic lists, by week, for our new 12-week Ecology Bundle, our 5-week Astronomy Bundle, and the 12-week Physics Bundle.

All three of these bundles will be delivered to our Pre-Order customers in June. (Our pre-order price is the best we will offer!).

12-week Ecology Bundle

I know students will love building their own biomes, cleaning up an oil spill in the “ocean,” and watching the effects of ocean acidification, among many other hands-on projects!

Here’s a look at the topics, week by week:

Week 1: Definition of an Ecosystem

Week 2: Land Biomes

Week 3: Types of Consumers

Week 4: The Food Chain

Week 5: The Nitrogen Cycle

Week 6: Animal Migration

Week 7: Pollution

Week 8: Aquatic Biomes

Week 9: Biodiversity

Week 10: Acidification of the Ocean

Week 11: Symbiosis

Week 12: Recycling

5-Week Astronomy Bundle

Astronomy is always a huge hit with our children! Some of the projects on deck include building a sunspot viewer, designing a stomp rocket, making moon craters, and testing out a Mars rover.

Here’s a look at the Table of Contents:

Week 1: Parts of the Sun

Week 2: Planets

Week 3: Phases of the Moon

Week 4: Asteroids, meteoroids, and comets

Week 5: Space missions

12-Week Physics Bundle

Students will compete in a rubber-band race, explore heat and light, and play with joules in this 12-week hands-on science bundle!

Here’s a look at the topics week-by-week:

Week 1: States of Matter

Week 2: Kinetic and Potential Energy

Week 3: Newtons’s First Law of Motion

Week 4: Newton’s Second Law of Motion

Week 5: Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Week 6: The First Law of Thermodynamics

Week 7: The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Week 8: The Third Law of Thermodynamics

Week 9: Reflection and Refraction of Light

Week 10: Heat Flow

Week 11: Measurements of Electricity

Week 12: Work and Joules

You can pre-order this 22/23 School Year Pack right now at the best price we will offer it! Want to see more? Download our newest free sample from the Ecology Bundle.

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