Stop asking yourself, ‘Am I enough?’

Because I spent some years as a classroom teacher, I am often asked about how my teaching experience prepared me to homeschool. The answer: Not at all. 

Well, there’s probably a more accurate answer to that question. Truthfully, my experience as a classroom teacher has given me the confidence to avoid pummeling myself with that awful question: Am I enough? 

But homeschooling my children is worlds different (intentionally so) than the methods I used in the classroom. And here’s the real truth: No, I am not enough. But for the power of the Holy Spirit can I raise these little humans. 

Every child in every educational system will graduate with gaps in their knowledge. Every one of us continues to learn throughout our lifetimes. So, by modeling for my children how lifelong learning looks, by working alongside them in their studies, I am building children whose knowledge can go well beyond my own. 

No, I’m not good at pre-algebra. And no, I haven’t mastered a foreign language. But as my children watch their imperfect mom walk through each day, we are making memories of learning together. And that is enough.

Nicole Paitsel is the creator and co-founder of Learning with Friends. She is a a former classroom teacher and current homeschooling mom of two. If you can’t find her, look in the local used book store where she is probably hunting for treasures.

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