What is the real goal of science study for elementary students?

When I approach science with my children, and when I write Science with Friends project guides, I have two goals in mind — curiosity and conversation. 

Yes, I love for them to be exposed to the scientific method and to engage in hands-on projects. And as a Classical Conversations mom, I love a good Cycle 3 matchup. But my real goal – what matters to me in that hour of science – is that curiosity is piqued and we have practiced meaningful conversation, connecting the learning to our Creator. 

Some days I am better at facilitating that conversation than others. Some days the kids are ready to run upstairs and play something else. Some days I’m a bit tired from the race we’ve already run that week. But as we stay diligent in our pursuit of curiosity, conversation, and connection with our Creator, I’m seeing big things happen in the way my kids view the study of science. 

For them, it has become a time to connect with mom, with their friends, and with their Creator. They celebrate when it is “Science with Friends” day, and, for that reason, I’ll keep plugging away.

Nicole Paitsel is a former classroom teacher and current homeschooling mom of two. She is the creator and co-founder of Learning with Friends, a curriculum enrichment brand that focuses on hands-on science projects that invoke discovery, conversation, and connection.

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